Solving problems using new, fast, and frequently changing technology.

Explain-We at Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. helps you to transform your business by leveraging digital transformation fundamentally. In digital transformation, we use the new, fast, and frequently changing technology to serve complex needs. It includes the use of digital technologies to meet changing business and market requirements and to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences. This reimagining of business helps in redefining the business prospects. We aim to transform your company by leveraging the ever-evolving digital technology, building systems of intelligence by bringing in more personal computing, helping adopt the intelligent cloud and reinvent the productivity and business process, thereby enhancing effectiveness and inclusive growth. Digital transformation helps improve the count of lead generation and conversion.

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1. Digitization of Business Operations.
2. Greater Resource Management.
3. Employee Empowerment.
4. Greater Customer Insights.
5. Better Customer Experience.
6. Creation of Digital Products and Services.
7. Opening the Door to Globalization.


Developing responsive websites that are attractive and user-friendly at the same time adds significant value to the company. With our experienced designers, you can make your website stand out and get connected to your customers. We intend to provide fully responsive dynamic websites that are attractive and user-friendly. The backend is developed comprehensively, making even the most substantial database seem simple, allowing easy development of dynamic websites. Hundreds of templates to choose from or get your website developed from scratch, we provide the best web design and development. We consider your website as a business asset, and our team of skilled web designers and developers help manage it. Our team has the skills in developing sites in the following languages- HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, SQL, .NET, ANGULAR.


Increase your social media footprint with our strategic planning and advance tools. With our SMM service, we provide you with all the latest Social Media Marketing(SMM) services, which helps manage your brand, drive traffic, and boost conversions. With 24*7 customer support, the highest quality lowest prices, and fully functional API, will help you grow your business and generate revenue. Our comprehensive social media marketing strategy will help boost your website traffic hence monthly sales. Our expert guidance saves time, resources, and helps startup at a low cost while creating endless business opportunities


  1. Schedule unlimited posts
  2. Monitor what matters
  3. Create custom reports
  4. Get best time predictions
  5. Content calendar


  1. Engage with your audience often
  2. Respond in real-time
  3. Visualize content pipeline
  4. Best in class analytics
  5. Manage your brands


Expand your reach by generating publicity, increasing awareness, and rank yourself better in search. Social media optimization is an intrinsic part of digital marketing. We help you rank your profile, which helps to increase your position in search ranking. Using essential keywords effectively is necessary to rank better in social network searches. It helps your content to reach your target audience. An excellent SMO service from us will help drive traffic from direct social site referrals and search engines, thereby increasing revenue. We ensure your websites receive additional links to highly popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


  1. Research on popular keywords
  2. Optimized profiles
  3. Optimized content
  4. Social Media Analytics
  5. Optimized strategy


  1. Strengthen your brand
  2. Generate leads
  3. Get more visibility online
  4. Connect with your audience


Drive more traffic to your websites by showcasing your Ads to the right target audience. PPC is all about relevance. With PPC, we help you generate leads, increase sales, and promote the brand. Your ad shows up to the targeted audience at the right moment when he or she is searching for something related or relevant. The leading platform for PPC is Google Ads, which is geared towards the entire spectrum of companies from small businesses to fortune 500. We make the best-advanced ad structures for your search campaigns to get more visitors


  1. Customized Ads
  2. Fully automated creations
  3. Campaign structuring
  4. Landing page development
  5. Goal tracking


  1. Cost-effective advertising
  2. Improved keywords give better results
  3. Increased traffic
  4. Improved rate of return


With our Search engine optimization you can be found at the top in search engines with enhanced ranking. In SEO, we optimize web pages and their content to be easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to your website. It also helps the search engine software to find, scan, and index your site. We identify the terms people are searching for relevant to your business, also known as “keywords,” to improve your website’s ranking for those words in search engines like Google. Improve your website rankings with powerful world-class tools and back-link services. Our team of experts can optimize your site for search engines.


  1. Market Analysis & Keyword Research
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Website Audit & Optimization
  4. Content Development and Promotion
  5. High-Quality Link Building
  6. Reporting and Analysis


  1. Target quality traffic
  2. Low cost
  3. Better results in search engine
  4. Improved PR
  5. Increased Revenue