The next-generation customer engagement platform is here, and Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. is leading the way. We equip you with what you need to efficiently communicate with your clients, track customer behavior, and test marketing campaigns. The suite of features helps users improve customer experience and sustain loyalty while cross-selling effectively during crucial moments in the customer lifecycle. Our platform optimizes every touchpoint throughout the customer journey to drive better outcomes for customers.

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These touchpoints include all the tools your team may use to engage customers – Salesforce and CRM, dialers, calendars, social media, notes, and much more. With this, you can understand your customer’s pain points and address them accordingly. With intelligent automation and understanding of the buyer on a deeper level without the burden of manual tasks wasting precious time and energy, it has helped teams scale-up activities immensely. After the sale closes, CEP manages interactions across the customer lifecycle to improve the customer experience even afterward. Essential insights from every customer’s interaction are gathered, which is then utilized to make targeted, personalized product and service recommendations increasing both customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

1. Communicate with relevant context
2. Customer data, in one place
3. Action-oriented follow-ups
4. Better visibility into pipeline and activities


1. Multichannel communication- With multichannel communication, we ensure your target audience is presented with information or the ability to react to data across multiple channels.
2. Extensive Reporting- Generate any kind of reports on the click of a single button. Reports of customer interaction can be of great help to better understand the customers or the market as a whole.
3. Real-time interaction management- Get a real-time view of all the active interactions at that present moment. Such features allowing the transfer of customers to the respective team enhances customer satisfaction.
4. Inline analytics- Appearing inside the application interface, analytics functionality allows users to have immediate access to reports appearing inside the application closing the gap between data and actionable insights.
5. Dynamic routing- Dynamic routing allows setting the direction of the workflow. Redirecting customers to the right department or team to serve them in the best possible manner.


1. Improve customer retention- Better service and customer satisfaction eventually result in better customer retention rates.
2. Drive differentiation- As the competitive market place expands and grows globally, it is more critical for organizations to drive innovation and differentiation precisely what we intend to provide.
3. Maintain workflow and routing- With specific responsibilities and duties for every individual, the workflow is maintained, which simultaneously improves efficiency and effectiveness.
4. Increase sales and conversion- Detailed record of interactions with the customer allows the sales team to understand the customer better, hence increase sales and conversions.
5. Gain better knowledge about customers’ requirements- With the streamlined flow of information from the customer to the respective teams, it helps them get a better understanding of the needs of the customer.