Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. physical and virtual queue management solutions help organizations manage lines, and volume to keep employees and customers on track and decrease wait times. You can quickly improve your service efficiency and increase revenue with our user-friendly QMS. The customer experience solutions are based on Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. philosophy to ORGANIZE, ENGAGE & MEASURE waiting and disconnected service areas, and enhance customer experience at key touchpoints. Excessive queuing and waiting are among the leading causes of dissatisfaction in customers, which can turn into a nightmare for companies. Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. provides a standard and customizable queuing solution to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by all organizations of all sizes. Our powerful queue management system creates a seamless customer experience by providing different solutions.

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Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. creates a service delivery environment where customers can enjoy the best experience resulting in the highest levels of customer satisfaction, which consequently makes them more loyal to your brand and puts you ahead of your competitors. Better manage your customer’s lifecycle by getting detailed information on their previous visits and current visit.

1. Greet visitors
2. Inform visitors
3. Serve visitors


1. Easy configuration –  Our QMS is highly customizable and easy to use, configure at the same time. Our support team helps you through your first time set up and provides you training as well.
2. Generate tokens – Generate physical paper -based token or register customer’s mobile number to generate a digital token
3. Remote monitoring – Remotely monitor each and every counter in real-time to get a view of rush, queue length, or wait time.
4. Display announcements –  The system has the facility to be viewed on multiple display devices and make announcements as per the need. It relieves the team of the burden to keep track of token calls.
5. Multi-lingual support – Our system supports all the major languages such as- English, Russian, French, Mandarin, German, Hindi.
6. Multiple platforms – Cosmic Innovations Lab Inc. QMS is compatible with running on all the major platforms, which is a beneficial add on.


1. Better time management  – Reduced wait times and reduction of manual distribution of tokens helps save a lot of time and allows them    to focus on the   business.
2. Enhanced customer experience  – Reduced customer wait and service time by 50%, increases customer satisfaction by 30%.
3. Improved staff productivity  – By eliminating irregular and haphazard queuing, the staff does need to waste time anymore of managing queues and tokens, thereby increasing their productivity.
4. Advanced KPI reports  – Measures KPIs and drives operational efficiency
5. Increased organization efficiency  – Optimizing staff performance and productivity and ensuring seamless customer experience results in increased organizational effectiveness.