Surgical Scheduling System is a smart, innovative, and analytical system developed using Microsoft technologies. It standardizes surgery, operating room scheduling, and reporting across the concerned departments. Unlike a website that is available to the public, the Surgical Scheduling System is a web application with an option to host on an internal or external server. You can see the operating room status, and this information can only be accessible by the designated facility members. With our system, you can store all the necessary records, including statistical analysis data at each servicing location for research purposes. 

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The data would include surgery lengths, number of completed surgical procedures with their complete timeline (month-wise, week-wise, day-wise), types of surgical procedures, anesthesia notes, nursing information other similar data related to patient surgery. It allows end-users to view scheduling data for all operating rooms to manage appointments for the current date or future. The system displays the surgery date, location, patient name, identification number, and surgical procedure. Also, you can maintain a record of supplies and equipment necessary for procedures along with the complete inventory.


1. View schedules- Surgeons can view their schedules ahead of time to plan their day accordingly. Also, the nurses can prepare for the surgery by arranging the required equipment and supplies.
2. Tracker to meet deadlines and follow up with patients- Reminder for regular check-ups of patients is now easier. Automated message to patients reminds them of their appointments.
3. Generate forms automatically- Generate multiple reports from a single filled form to save time and increase efficiency.
4. Performance reports to determine surgical volume- Get all the reports at the click of a button. Determine the volume of surgeries (day wise, week wise, month-wise) and the type of surgeries conducted.
5. Seamless communication between surgeon and back-office- Sharing of info using a single platform brings in seamless communication improving coordination between the surgeon and the back office.


1. Track and manage your workflow- With proper scheduling and assigning work to individuals allows effective time utilization.
2. Improved surgeon coordination- Usage of the single platform allows surgeons to coordinate with other surgeons or staff seamlessly. Automated solutions also avoid any clashes in appointments.
3. Resource coordination- Since the staff is pre-informed and has all the information on the future schedule of surgeries, they can make all the supplies and equipment available when required.
4. Efficient utilization of resources- Since the staff is pre-informed and has all the information on the future schedule of surgeries, they make the most efficient utilization of resources.
5. Accurate Case Duration Estimates- Previous records of operations help get an average estimate of operation time for future purposes.