Use of e-commerce to minimize the impact of Covid-19 pandemic

Use of e-commerce to minimize the impact of Covid-19 pandemic

Small businesses are facing an unaprecedented uphill battle navigating through the various phases of the Corona-virus pandemic. Drastic changes can be seen in customer demand patterns. Shopping of luxury and non-essential items have been put on hold for the foreseeable future. Indefinite and unpredictable lockdowns have caused customers to stock items like groceries, detergents, sanitizers, and the notorious toilet paper. Many of us have lost our jobs or have seen a sudden decrease in income, forcing us to cut on our spending.

Businesses that traditionally were modeled on engaging customers based on physical proximity, like clothing and accessories stores, are shifting focus to various online channels. Even with a newly adopted approach, demand is low, and customers are less likely to spend money on clothes, latest fashion catalogs, and high-end apparel than before. Another sector severely impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak is the restaurant business. Restaurants and bars are not designed considering people with masks and social distancing. As eating out is not an option in areas considered as hotspots for the virus transmission; restaurants have shifted to take-out orders and third-party delivery models.

But unlike restaurants, that may have readjusted to the demands of the social distancing norms, gyms and beauty parlors have been closed for a significantly long time. And it is safe to say that some of them may not survive the Covid-19 crisis. Although many alternate business models can be learned through online lessons, some services do require human interaction and will have to wait for better times.

In conclusion, businesses will have to amplify their digital presence and embrace the new normal in the Covid-19 era. One of the ways to achieve this is by building highly customized websites and mobile apps for your business. 

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